How to Access VMware Tanzu Hub

Get a true application delivery and multi-cloud management platform delivered as a service. VMware Tanzu Hub is not available for standalone purchase. Start with VMware Tanzu Hub Free Tier or subscribe to a VMware Cloud Service that includes the premium VMware Tanzu Hub.

Free Tier

Comprehensive application delivery and multi-cloud visibility with powerful insights into governance, security and cost

  • Manage two native public cloud accounts for free with support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Capture, filter and search for your multi-cloud inventory
  • Real-time, event-based inventory for first 90 days
  • Discovery and curation of applications for better understanding of dependencies and relationships
  • Additional performance metrics and service map topology for up to one attached Kubernetes cluster
  • Operational metrics directly from public cloud sources (e.g. AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor)
  • Aggregated account costing and list prices for some resources powered by VMware Tanzu CloudHealth
Includes free tiers for VMware Tanzu Guardrails and VMware Tanzu Insights
  • End-to-end governance and policy enforcement at scale for up to two public cloud accounts​
  • Management of landing zones, policy definition, and configuration drift
  • Violation data according to CIS Benchmarks
  • Actionable intelligence and holistic visibility for up to 10,000 events per month
  • Pattern-correlated workload insights and deep contextual troubleshooting


All the capabilities of Free Tier, plus:

  • Unlimited public cloud accounts (with support for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and Kubernetes clusters
  • Unlimited real-time, event-based inventory
  • Visibility into aggregated account level costing for unlimited AWS and Azure cloud accounts and list prices for some resources from VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth
  • Visibility into additional performance metrics and service map topology for unlimited Kubernetes clusters
  • Dedicated customer success support

Available with a VMware Tanzu Guardrails or VMware Tanzu Insights subscription.

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