Capacity Planning Tools That Help Optimize Performance

Gain insight into IT resource utilization and develop a virtualization roadmap for server containment and consolidation.

Assess Your IT Infrastructure and Plan for Long-Term Growth

Capacity Planner is an IT capacity planning tool that collects comprehensive resource utilization data in heterogeneous IT environments, and compares it to industry standard reference data to provide analysis and decision support modeling.

Use Capacity Planner to view the CPU utilization across servers in a data center.

Detailed capacity analysis includes CPU, memory, network and disk utilization across every server monitored.

Key Benefits of Capacity Planner

Services based on Capacity Planner deliver the following key benefits:

  • Increased productivity with server consolidation and capacity optimization.
  • Reduced complexity through IT standardization and hardware containment.
  • Improved predictability with capacity utilization trends and virtualization benchmarks.


Plan for the Future with Customized assessments and Estimates

Currently, the Capacity Planner product can be leveraged to offer high-value assessment services for the data center, such as:

  • Consolidation estimates – Optimized for conducting pre-sales sizing estimates of a customer’s data center environment, consolidation estimates provide guidance on what can be achieved via virtualization and consolidation assessments. Consolidation estimates offer a simplified, guided workflow for Capacity Planner with a defined methodology and process for sales professionals to conduct more sizing and lead generation activity.
  • Capacity assessments – Optimized for consultants and professional services organizations that want to conduct a deep-dive analysis into a customer’s IT environment. Capacity assessments provide a detailed roadmap on how customers can achieve an optimized, virtualized data center. Capacity assessments show the implementation blueprint for actualizing the “to-be” state of the data center.


Agent-Free Implementation

The VMware Capacity Planner Data Collector is installed on-site at the data center being assessed. This component collects detailed hardware and software metrics required for capacity utilization analysis across a broad range of platforms without the use of software agents.

Reference Benchmarking

Analysis provided by the Capacity Planner Dashboard is based on comparisons to reference data collected across the industry. This unique capability helps in guiding decisions around server consolidation and capacity optimization for your data center.

Web-Based Hosted Application Service

The Capacity Planner Dashboard is delivered as a web-based application that delivers rich analysis, modeling and decision support capabilities based on the data collected from your data center. Service providers will use this interface to access pre-built report templates and create custom reports depending on the type of assessment being delivered.

Getting Started

How to Get Started with Capacity Planner

Services based on VMware Capacity Planner are available through VMware partners who are trained on Capacity Planner and authorized to deliver these assessments.

In addition to services offered by our partners, VMware Professional Services provides a virtualization assessment package that uses Capacity Planner and is based on VMware methodology and best practices.

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