What is VMware Cloud Universal?


VMware Cloud Universal is a flexible subscription that simplifies the purchase and consumption of VMware multi-cloud infrastructure and management services across the data center, edge or public cloud.

What VMware Cloud Universal Delivers 

VMware Cloud Infrastructure

Access enterprise-class compute, storage, networking, and management cloud services for maximum flexibility, resiliency, and portability for existing enterprise workloads.

Data Center, Edge, and Public Cloud

Enjoy flexible subscription infrastructure entitlements to consume VMware Cloud Foundation on-premises, VMware Cloud on AWS, or VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

Kubernetes Native

Manage Kubernetes and VMs in a single platform with VMware Tanzu, enabling container-based orchestration and development for cloud native applications.

Flexible Subscription Economics

Enable budget flexibility by adjusting spend and workloads across public and private clouds and leveraging subscriptions with one-year or three-year terms.

Products Included in VMware Cloud Universal


VMware Cloud Foundation

Customer-managed private clouds leveraging subscription economics.


vRealize Cloud Universal

SaaS cloud management suite that combines automation, operations, log analytics, and network visibility into one license.


VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

VMware-managed local cloud as-a-service, delivering the cloud for on-premises deployment.


VMware Success 360

Comprehensive success offering providing dedicated and proactive support.


VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware-managed native cloud service leveraging global AWS infrastructure.


VMware Tanzu

Reliably deploy and run containerized workloads across private and public clouds.*

*Tanzu Standard is included with VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription.

Use Cases for VMware Cloud Universal


Hybrid Cloud

Optimize your infrastructure investments with support for workloads deployed both on-premises and in the public cloud.


Cloud Migration

Deliver the industry’s fastest cloud migration capabilities for all enterprise workloads.


Cloud Bursting

Rapidly scale up infrastructure resources as application and user demands increase.

VMware Cloud Console

The VMware Cloud Console provides end-to-end visibility and control of VMware Cloud Universal infrastructure and multi-cloud assets. You can deploy, manage, and review credits across a customer-managed private cloud, a VMware-managed local cloud, or a VMware managed public cloud.

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