VMware® vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™ automates operations management using patented analytics and an integrated approach to performance, capacity and configuration management.

Manage Your Entire IT World With vCenter Operations Management Suite

Manage Your Entire IT World With vCenter Operations Management Suite

Intelligent Operations

Proactively avoid performance issues and gain deep insights into the health, risk and efficiency of your virtual and physical infrastructure, operating systems and applications.

Unified Management

Get a holistic view into what is driving performance, capacity and configuration issues, infrastructure and application dependencies.

Policy Based Automation

Automate root cause analysis with advisory tools and orchestration workflows to enable optimal resource utilization, operational efficiency and enforcement of configuration standards.

What's included in vCenter Operations Management Suite

VMware® vCenter™ Operations Manager™

Provides comprehensive visibility into the performance, capacity and health of your infrastructure, operating systems and applications.

VMware® vCenter™ Configuration Manager™

Automates configuration management across virtual and physical servers, and continuously assesses them for compliance with IT policies, regulatory and security compliance.

VMware vCenter® Hyperic®

Monitors physical hardware resources, operating systems, databases and applications.

VMware® vCenter™ Infrastructure Navigator™

Automatically discovers and visualizes application components and infrastructure dependencies.

VMware® vCenter™ Chargeback Manager™

Enables accurate cost metering, analysis and reporting of virtual infrastructure.

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