Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Healthcare


The healthcare industry continuously innovates to deliver increasingly personalized patient care, which increasingly relies on IT support. IT must transform to meet evolving business needs: doctors are now a mobile workforce, new treatments require new applications, and cyber-attacks are a growing menace. Meanwhile, most of the IT budget is spent maintaining legacy infrastructure.


HCI powered by vSAN can help by lowering TCO, securing data with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption and increasing performance for demanding healthcare applications.


Union Hospital Powers Business Critical Applications with vSAN


“We actually had clinics calling us up to say how much faster the apps were running once they were in a pure vSAN environment. ... It seems like the more things we migrate to vSAN, the more people are begging to be on it.”

Chad Elliot, Network Systems Consultant

Baystate Health Lowers TCO with vSAN

50% CAPEX reduction
20% OPEX reduction
10:1 Real Estate Consolidation


“With the automation and orchestration of our new hyperconverged environment we can free up smart people.”

Mike Feld, Interim CTO


VMware Powered Hyperconverged Infrastructure Provides:

Simple Evolution to Full Stack HCI

  • Native to your hypervisor and leading clouds
  • Use existing virtualization tools
  • Protect and optimize current investments

Broadest Flexibility

  • Certified solutions with your preferred vendor
  • Day one support of latest technologies
  • Unify resources under policy-based management

Multi-Cloud Capabilities

  • Consistent operations from edge to core to cloud
  • Intrinsic security for data-at-rest and in-flight
  • Hundreds of public cloud providers

Top Use Cases for Healthcare vSAN Customers

Business Critical Applications

vSAN powers important healthcare applications, from EHR to relational databases. vSAN supports all-flash storage and up to 150,000 IOPS per node. vSAN scales up to 64 nodes per cluster, and offers enterprise-grade Quality of Service and automated storage balancing for the most demanding workloads.


As doctors treat patients in multiple rooms or facilities, they need access to a consistent, personalized workspace. vSAN delivers high performance VDI while reducing OPEX. vSAN enables IT to deliver desktop services to end users via virtual machines on consolidated clusters in the data center.

Branch Offices

Healthcare companies can have hundreds of treatment centers spread across multiple states. vSAN enables you to manage your remote IT with little to no IT staff. vSAN provides a simple, scalable solution that can be centrally managed. vSAN has unique, flexible licensing for branch offices, keeping you in budget.