Intelligently Secure Your Digital Workspace

VMware Workspace ONE combines intrinsic, Zero Trust security with industry-leading modern management to help IT proactively secure their digital workspace of users, apps and endpoints.


Securely Enable IT to Empower Employees

Secure the digital workspace with VMware Workspace ONE and enable IT to empower their workforce with the technologies they need.

Don’t Let Security be a Barrier to Your Digital Workspace Strategy

Learn how to overcome the largest barrier to a modern digital workspace strategy and how Workspace ONE and Workspace ONE Trust Network can help.

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Secure Your Evolving Digital Workspace

Discover the 8 critical capabilities to help secure your evolving digital workspace.

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What Workspace ONE Provides

Security as a First-Class Citizen

Zero Trust security across users, apps, and endpoints establishes an interconnected, least-privilege system that empowers employees without sacrificing security.

Unified Access and Modern Management

Cloud-based access and endpoint management intelligently improve device hygiene and security posture, ensuring secure access to apps maintained by IT.

Predictive Insights and Automation

Real-time and continuous monitoring provides visibility into the entire digital workspace, helping you proactively secure the known and unknown. Automated remediation is available through a powerful decision engine.

Integrated Ecosystem of Partner Solutions

Workspace ONE Trust Network enables you to leverage your existing best-of-breed investments to streamline security even further. Explore partner solutions in the VMware Solutions Exchange.

Workspace ONE Security Features

Open Platform

Simplify security and management with a framework of verification that leverages APIs for communication between an open security ecosystem and Workspace ONE.

Access Management

Empower IT to deliver application provisioning, a self-service catalog, multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) for all apps.

Contextual Policies

Control authentication with conditional access policies based on device compliance state, user authentication strength, data sensitivity, user location and more.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies

Configure policies with modern management, including device-level data encryption, app blacklists and Wi-Fi security. Monitor for threats ranging from malware and malicious apps to jailbroken devices. Automatically remediate with capabilities including remote lock, device wipe and access control.


Identify and mitigate security issues in real-time with integrated insights into threat data, device compliance, and risk analytics provided by Workspace ONE Intelligence. Enable continuous verification with user risk score based on device context and user behavior.

Secure Apps

Take advantage of built-in security controls in Workspace ONE secure productivity apps - Workspace ONE Boxer, Workspace ONE Web, and Workspace ONE Content. Detect threats and automate remediation for all other apps and cloud services.


Authenticate and encrypt traffic from apps on devices into the data center. Secure app data at-rest and in-transit with AES 256-bit encryption.


Minimize the attack surface in the data center by using micro-segmentation capabilities through integration with VMware NSX, automating security across the network.