Protecting Employee Privacy with Workspace ONE

Privacy is the central pillar for establishing trust in the workplace. VMware Workspace ONE gives customers the necessary tools to configure and control data collection and comply with applicable privacy laws, enabling the customer to create a framework of trust within its organization.

Workspace ONE gives IT privacy controls to protect personal data, while empowering employees with streamlined access to data across any device.

Workspace ONE User Privacy

With Workspace ONE your personal information remains personal.

User Privacy

User Data Collection Matrix (BYOD)

Read more about what data is collected and configurable in Workspace ONE.

Data Collection Matrix

Workspace ONE and Privacy

Privacy First

Privacy remains front and center in VMware’s Workspace ONE. Privacy-by-design and configurable controls allows customers and their users to take advantage of the product benefits without compromising their privacy.


Complete separation of work apps and personal apps gives users the freedom to use their device of choice anywhere, anytime. Privacy controls gives users the ability to regulate personal information (location, contact etc.) IT has access to even on the work apps.


VMware is committed to providing industry-leading software that embraces commercial requirements, industry standards, and government certification programs.

Data Collection

Not all types of user-generated data is necessary for the deployment of the Workspace ONE. Control what data gets collected by the platform with easy to use configurations.