Virtual Cloud Network Services

Deploy A Software-Defined Network

  • Identify requirements and prerequisites
  • Design the network architecture
  • Deploy and validate the design
  • Conduct knowledge transfer sessions

Automate Network Provisioning

  • Define and build network configuring, provisioning and management services
  • Integrate into self-service portal and APIs
  • Automate provisioning workflows

Implement Micro-Segmentation

  • Analyze network traffic
  • Create security polices and firewall rules
  • Implement security groups and profiles
  • Conduct knowledge transfer sessions

Implement Operations And Management

  • Employ dashboards, metrics and monitoring
  • Define and implement networking processes and policies
  • Create virtual networking roles and reskill teams

Deploy An SD-WAN

  • Identify requirements and prerequisites
  • Design architecture, topology, and policies
  • Deploy and on-board branch sites and perform functional tests
  • Conduct knowledge transfer sessions

Deploy Virtual Load Balancers

  • Design architecture
  • Integrate with access control
  • Migrate existing load balancers
  • Deploy web application firewalls

Develop An Outcome-Focused Roadmap

  • Align IT with business goals and objectives
  • Understand the gaps between your current and future state
  • Create a phased action plan
  • Gain consensus across the organization

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