Q. How do I find my Org ID?
A. You can watch the video here to see where to find your Org ID.

Q. What are the Terms & Conditions for the 90-day $0 VMware Site Recovery Add-on introductory offer?
A. This offer is valid from January 28, 2019 to July 26, 2019. This offer is available to a limited number of customers (Org IDs). Customers who qualify for this offer can protect up to 200 VMs for 90 consecutive days at no additional cost to their existing VMware Cloud on AWS payment. After sign up, customers will receive an email notification saying whether they are approved to use the offer, waitlisted or denied. Customers have 15 days from getting the approval email to redeem the offer by activating the add-on and replicating a VM. This offer is available across all the active VMware Cloud on AWS regions except for GovCloud (US). This offer covers only the VMware Site Recovery add-on, and customers are still responsible for payment of their VMware Cloud on AWS deployment. Exclusions include: individuals, Technology Alliance Program (TAP) Partners, and where prohibited by law. VMware reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time.

Q. What happens after the 90-day offer period ends?
A. Once the 90-day offer period has ended, your VMware Cloud on AWS account will be charged the standard price of the VMware Site Recovery Add-on per each protected VM.

Q. What if I buy through a channel partner, will my order(s) be eligible?
A. The promotion is not applied automatically. Regardless of how you purchase it, you would still need to apply for the promotion on the VMware Site Recovery website.

Q. Do customers need to have a VMware Cloud on AWS deployment to use this offer?
A. Yes. Customer who do not have a VMware Cloud on AWS deployment can sign up for VMware Cloud on AWS, and then apply for the offer.

Q. Is the VMware Cloud on AWS deployment covered by this offer?
A. No. This offer only covers the VMware Site Recovery add-on for your existing VMware Cloud on AWS deployment. Customers are still responsible for paying for their VMware Cloud on AWS deployment.


Q. Can I use this offer even if I’m using the VMware Cloud on AWS 1-node deployment or the 3 hosts for the price of 2 offering?

A. Yes.