Enable Connected Transportation with Automotive IoT Solutions


VMware provides an end-to-end IoT management solution for monitoring, managing and securing all your things - from car to the cloud. Whether you are a car manufacturer, dealer, insurer or a fleet management company, VMware can help you securely manage your edge systems and real-time data to optimize design, manufacturing, distribution and service delivery.


Connected Transportation

Take Control of IoT


Improve Driver Safety and Comfort

Leverage vehicle to vehicle communication to avert accidents and improve passenger comfort with features like personalization, detecting fatigue/insobriety/theft etc.

Provide Better Insurance

Create new, innovative car insurance products by collecting real-time data for driver profiling in order to provide safe driving incentives.

Enable Smarter Manufacturing

Save costs by utilizing JIT manufacturing and automation based on inputs throughout the value chain on customer personalization and selling data.

Offer Proactive Services

Reduce expensive recalls by delivering vehicle updates over the air and predicting car mechanical failures and malfunctions.

Improve Fleet Management

Lower costs by collecting real-time data for predictive maintenance and repair and route optimization. Achieve real time transparency and improve operations by performing remote fleet management.


The Future automobile and driving experience is here. IoT can help deliver the most innovative, reliable and secure experience for the driver whether it is more personalization, OTA services or on going security updates. Learn more about how VMware can help you deliver the next generation Smart Car.


The Future is Software-Defined

VMware enables you for the future

The Complexity Dilemma

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