Why Financial Services Organizations Choose VMware

Deliver New Business Models Quickly

Standardize and automate service delivery, and seamlessly integrate other technologies to add new value.

Improve Efficiency and Lower TCO

Transform IT infrastructure with software to boost agility, reliability, performance and availability of IT services and apps.

Achieve Greater Agility

Simplify and streamline IT operations with consistent infrastructure and consistent operations, across private, hybrid and multi-clouds.

Strengthen Cyber Defenses

Reduce attack surfaces and strengthen security postures.

Use Cases

Reduce Costs Through Data Center Standardization and Automation

Meet customer expectations and reduce IT cost and complexity by consolidating and standardizing on-premises infrastructure onto a single digital foundation. Bring cloud capabilities and alternative delivery models to the data center. Increase operational efficiency and agility with automation.

Modernize Core Banking Systems and Apps for Anytime, Anywhere Banking

Incrementally update traditional applications and monoliths while speeding the development and delivery of new cloud-native services. Enable everyone—bankers, tellers, management, and more—with easy access to banking information and services.

Enable Business Continuity and Agility at Scale Across Banking Operations

Leverage public and hybrid cloud to meet new business needs and spikes in demand. Scale capacity and deliver uninterrupted service across online, mobile and edge environments—including branch offices and call centers.

Accelerate Time to Market Delivery of New Products and Services

Adopt a delivery model and modern software supply chain that pivot quickly when challenges arise, making it easier to ship great software faster and transform development and operations together.

Drive New Revenue Opportunities by Delivering Integrated Banking Services

Enable ecosystem interoperability and integration capabilities across third-party banking ecosystems, platforms and marketplaces. Extend opportunities outside of traditional banking boundaries to broaden reach and create new value for customers.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

Fiserv Breaks Up Monolithic Applications

Earning client trust every day has motivated this large fintech to team with VMware on dividing its monolithic applications into microservices, with no downtime or impact to customer experience.

More Financial Services Solutions

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience and Empower Employees

Improve engagement. Empower customers and advisors everywhere by providing secure, simple access to information across devices and locations.

Protect Banking Data and Consumer Trust

Ensure personally identifiable information is safe from cyberattacks and build consumer trust by securing sensitive data everywhere.

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