Why Healthcare Providers Choose VMware

Deliver Exceptional Patient Experiences

Provide personalized care when and where patients need it. Scale virtual and telehealth initiatives to improve the timeliness, access and reach of care through digital channels.

Increase Clinician Satisfaction

Modernize EMR systems, deploy modern apps, and enable seamless access to clinical apps and data regardless of device or location. Integrate automation and AI/ML to improve processes.

Enhance Care Team Response

Support clinician and staff flexibility. Improve the quality of communications and interactions with patients through secure access to health systems and PHI from any device or location.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Operate a modern, modular healthcare IT model that facilitates interoperability and emerging tech across disparate systems and data sources to reach data-driven decisions faster.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Empower Patients to Receive Care from Anywhere

Leverage modern application architecture and robust cloud-delivered healthcare services to optimize and personalize the patient experience and deepen engagement from anywhere, regardless of device or platform.

Support a Distributed Healthcare Workforce

Improve staff and clinician flexibility, efficiency, and response. VMware’s industry-first digital workspace architecture empowers care teams to securely access electronic health records, PHI, and systems from any device or location. 

Improve the Quality of Healthcare Services

Deliver better patient outcomes by making the most of data and modern, multi-cloud infrastructure. Integrate AI/ML and RPA into HIT environments to improve accuracy and reach data-driven decisions faster.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

Accelerating Processing Power and Treatment Decisions

The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) is one of the top 10 cancer centers in the world. Using digital workspace technologies, the NKI can process large amounts of medical data quickly, safely, and easily—accelerating treatment decisions and breakthroughs in cancer research.

More Healthcare Provider Solutions

Extend the Reach of Care with Modern IT

Drive new care models and growth while creating efficiencies. Accelerate innovation for your organization, care teams, and partners.

Protect Healthcare Data and Patient Trust

Ensure protected health information is safe from cyberattacks. Build patient and partner trust by securing sensitive data everywhere.

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