How To's

How to escalate a technical support case?

Start by calling VMware support at 1-877-486-9273 (or use one of Vmwware's International Phone numbers)and request an escalation of your Support Request.

How do I report a defect?

If you feel you have found a defect in a VMware product and you have an active support agreement with us, you should report that to VMware Support via the normal Support Request process.   

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Can I transfer a license?

VMware operates a strict policy on license assignment and transfers.  VMware’s software license grant is personal to the customer, transfer requests may be approved or declined by VMware at VMware’s sole discretion.

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How do I change an account?

VMware allows changes to customer account details in certain instances.  Contact your Customer Support representative or file a service request online by logging in to My VMware and selecting Get Support from the Quick Links menu.

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What if I want to modify the codebase?

Modified code is not supported by VMware.  VMware in its sole discretion, reserves the right to request that the modified code be removed.

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How do you register a product?

Begin by creating a My VMware account at, then follow the prompts provided.    

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How do I close a support request?

A support request is typically closed when you confirm that a resolution has been reached or if VMware does not hear back from you after three attempts to contact you during a ten day period. Support requests may also be closed if they cannot be resolved, or if VMware chooses not to resolve certain issues, with acknowledgement and agreement from you.    

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Where do I go to submit a support request?

 Go to My VMware, login and select Get Support.

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Can I suggest a new feature?

Your input is always welcome. Please submit your suggestions through the contact form on our website. Any suggestions for enhancements to VMware software that you submit will become the property of VMware.

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