Virtualize Windows apps and desktops for secure, anywhere access


Gartner predicts that by 2023, 90% of current applications will still be in use. Most of these existing applications are built for Windows. Traditional app delivery requires specific browsers, versions and other nuances that complicate app deployment and management. But today’s digital workspace requires applications to be portable across device types, locations and ownership models. Clearly, something must give.

With a digital workspace, organizations can virtualize Windows apps or entire desktops and automatically provision them to the cloud or to on-premises infrastructure. Users can access these highly available virtual apps or desktops across any device or network at any time through a common catalog.

To help strengthen security, air-gapped access with Horizon-hosted virtual apps ensures that non-trusted devices never touch the enterprise network, while remote users can access the enterprise applications they need.

Transformation de la gestion de Windows

Desktop Virtualization is Foundational

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VMware Workspace ONE
Built from award winning VMware AirWatch enterprise mobility management, Workspace ONE can transform Windows Management with a cloud-based service. VMware Horizon can manage and deliver virtualized Windows Apps and Desktops to ensure compatibility, data and network security and portability across non-Windows devices.

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Unify Endpoint Management

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