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New cloud-native applications often leverage container technologies and microservice-based architectures. These applications change frequently—release cycles are measured in minutes or hours, not days, weeks or months. Other applications require open APIs and run “bare metal” such as predictive analytics applications. And emerging IoT applications demand additional specialized provisioning, security and operational requirements. IT must offer the best infrastructure for the application to deliver the optimal business outcomes with the security, agility, reliability and governance the enterprise demands.


Running modern applications using VMware solutions helps IT and application teams:

  • Speed time to market by enabling the business to deploy applications more frequently, more quickly and with security and control.
  • Improve developer productivity by delivering open APIs, infrastructure and application environments sooner, with greater agility.
  • Enjoy enterprise-grade networking, storage and security across all applications—traditional, cloud-native and everything in between—without compromise.
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VMware Photon Platform
VMware Photon Platform is an enterprise cloud infrastructure platform that enables IT to deliver on-demand tools and services developers need to build and run container-based, cloud-native applications while retaining security, control and performance.
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VMware Integrated OpenStack
VMware Integrated OpenStack deploys and manages production-grade OpenStack quickly and easily in existing VMware SDDC environments, enabling developer access to vSphere-based infrastructure resources via vendor-neutral APIs.
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vSphere Integrated Containers
vSphere Integrated Containers is an enterprise container infrastructure that allows IT Ops to run both traditional and next gen apps on vSphere using existing tools, while providing app developers with a familiar Docker-compatible interface.
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