Grow your enterprise with a platform you already trust.

VMware vCloud Air is a secure public cloud platform offering compute, storage, networking, disaster recovery, and more.


An Easy Interface and Simple Set-Up

With vCloud Air, you can seamlessly extend your data center to the cloud.

As of May 8, VMware vCloud Air has been acquired by OVH, a global hyper-scale cloud provider.

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What vCloud Air Delivers


Computing power, storage options, and advanced networking that integrate with your on-premises environment.

Advanced Security

Broad compliance certifications, secure private networking connections, data protection, disaster recovery, and dedicated cloud options.

A Platform for Enterprise IT

With data center modernization and disaster recovery, you can address business needs without changing processes.

Robust Hybrid Capabilities

Workload portability, seamless networking, and common management make it easy to extend to the cloud from on-premises environments.


vCloud Air was designed specifically with enterprise needs in mind. vCloud Air delivers a true hybrid cloud experience, and is uniquely positioned to solve critical IT challenges—whether you need an affordable disaster recovery option, an efficient way to extend your data center, or a complete data center replacement.

Data Center Replacement (3:04)

Data Center Extension (3:30)

Disaster Recovery (2:58)


Dedicated Cloud

vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud is a single-tenant, physically isolated IaaS platform with a dedicated cloud management track. It’s your own private cloud instance in the public cloud.

Virtual Private Cloud

vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud is a multi-tenant, logically isolated core compute service that lives on shared infrastructure. Based on VMware vSphere, it delivers high availability and fully private networking.

Disaster Recovery

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery is a recovery-as-a-service offering. It provides simple, affordable protection in the cloud for your vSphere environment.