SpringSource, the innovator and driving force behind some of the most popular and fastest growing open source developer communities, application frameworks, runtimes, and management tools, simplifies the process of writing Java applications. In just five years, SpringSource established a presence in a majority of the Global 2000 companies.

VMware will continue to support the principles that have made SpringSource solutions popular: the interoperability of SpringSource software with a wide variety of middleware software, and the open source model that is important to the developer community. Together, VMware and SpringSource can simplify the "build, run and manage" experience. We will continue to innovate and develop integrated Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions that can be hosted at customer datacenters or at cloud service providers. Customers can build new enterprise and web applications and run them on internal or external vSphere-based clouds. The same dynamic, scalable and cost-efficient vSphere-based clouds can also host and manage their existing applications.

Acquired Product Name Current VMware Product Name Resources
tc Server, Hyperic, GemFire, ERS (Apache), RabbitMQ
Enterprise Ready Server
tc Server