Available to all despite a State of Emergency

Region of South Moravia

Industry: Public Sector

"Such a fast response would not be possible with physical devices, the key was the use of virtual desktops running on the VMware Horizon platform, which allowed the expansion of the existing environment and thus made all important systems, applications and data accessible for work from home."

Miroslav Vacula, Head of IT, Regional Authority of the South Moravian Region

The Regional Authority of the South Moravian Region is an important part of state administration bodies, and must be available to the citizens of the region and function continuously in any situation. The Regional Authority decided to switch to virtual desktop technology in 2018. The whole process, which was planned for several years, was eventually accelerated with the onset of the pandemic. The staff had to stay at home unexpectedly, but the work of the Authority could not stop. In just one day, virtual accounts were created for 190 employees, who could then perform their duties to the full, remotely with smooth access to the internal systems. This transformation would not have been possible without VMware technology.

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