Driving innovation and ongoing service improvement with VMware

Yapı Kredi

Settore: Financial Services

"With Tanzu, we can now offer innovations faster. The level of security also increases as we are progressing together with the local team of VMware. The technical team is also good on many aspects, such as installation and product usability. In 2021, we will continue to migrate our systems to on-premise and use them with Tanzu."

Taylan Güney, Yapi Kredi EVP responsible for Software Architecture, Application Platforms, Cloud and Database, Yapi Kredi

Driving innovation and ongoing service improvement with VMware

Yapı Kredi, the third largest private bank in Turkey, needed to adopt a new mindset to satisfy the ever-evolving customer expectations for innovation and services. The bank transformed its traditional, monolithic applications into microservices using VMware Tanzu™️ Application Service, enabling easy and secure access using any modern device and avoiding crashes and unavailability. The early transformation project prepared Yapi Kredi to meet the working requirements and challenges posed by COVID-19.

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