What is Cloud Cost Management?

Cloud cost management involves understanding and managing the costs and needs associated with cloud technology. In particular, this means finding cost-effective ways to maximize cloud usage and efficiency. Cloud costs include virtual machine instances, memory, storage, network traffic, support and software licenses.



Why Cloud Cost Management?

Cloud cost management can be complicated because cloud costs are often decentralized and shifting, making visibility difficult. Implementing a cloud cost management strategy can help an organization analyze cloud cost, consumption, comparison, and planning. With a better understanding of costs and usage, a business can more effectively enforce accountability across the company and improve the performance and efficiency of its cloud technology.

Cloud Cost Management

IT needs a unified platform for managing various cloud environments.

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Enterprise Ready Private Cloud Software

vRealize Suite provides developer-friendly infrastructure (supporting VMs and containers) and a common approach to hybrid and multicloud, supporting major public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Simple, Agile And Secure Hybrid Cloud Platform

VMware Cloud Foundation provides integrated cloud infrastructure and cloud management services to run enterprise applications in both private and public environments.

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VMware vRealize Business for Cloud delivers the business insights you need to run your cloud more efficiently.

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Self-Driving Operations

Optimize, plan and scale SDDC and cloud deployments, from apps to infrastructure, with a unified management platform.