Test drive VMware vCloud Air, no installation required, with our Hands-on Labs.

These self-paced labs allow you to try vCloud Air's powerful features—including workload migration, cloud management, and networking. With VMware Hands-on Labs, you can get a lab up and running in minutes with full technical capabilities, without installing anything new on your existing hardware.

vCloud Air Introduction (HOL-HBD-1781)

Learn to deploy a virtual machine, migrate your onsite vSphere environments to the public cloud and back again, and explore basic networking with vCloud Air.

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Data Center Extension (HOL-HBD-1782)

Explore low downtime migrations for a seamless hybrid experience and key networking features such as isolation with micro-segmentation.

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Disaster Recovery (HOL-HBD-1784)

Learn how to use vCloud Air as a disaster recovery target including failover, reverse failback, point-in-time recovery, and automation with vRealize Orchestrator; all using your vSphere Web Client.

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See how you can test-drive VMware products quickly and easily.

Top 5 Tips for Getting Started

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are VMware Hands-on Labs?

VMware Hands-on Labs provide a free, easy way to try the latest products in a tested and documented lab environment. Using Hands-on Labs, you will not need to install any products locally or procure hardware to evaluate or test our products, as the labs are run on virtual machines hosted in the VMware data center.

Do I need to install any products or have dedicated hardware to run the VMware Hands-on Labs?

No. Hands-on Labs are fully licensed, tested and documented environments you can access using a browser.

What products are used to run the VMware Hands-on Labs?

We are using VMware products to run and operate our Hands-on Labs environment. We are using the VMware vCloud Suite - vSphere, vCloud Director and vCenter Operations Manager.

What labs are available through the Hands-on Labs?

We have more than 30 labs featuring the latest VMware products, including vSphere with Operations Management, Site Recovery Manager, Horizon Suite, and vCloud Air. We also have partner-created labs for you to explore joint product solutions.

What browsers are supported with Hands-on Labs?

We support latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported.

What are the networking requirements in order to run Hands-on Labs?

We recommend you have at least 300 - 500 KB of bandwidth per client and 240ms of latency or better to have a great user experience and run the labs at an optimal level.

I am not sure I can finish the labs in the given time frame provided - is it possible for me to come back and take the lab later and will my session be preserved?

You can take the labs as many times as you want - there are no restrictions on this and it is not expected that you finish a lab within the given time frame. Your session will be preserved for a set time (this can vary between labs from 1-3 hours) but after this session, your lab time will expire.

Why are there time restrictions on the labs?

We have more than 100,000 users globally and need to balance capacity carefully - restricting time per lab is one way we address this.

Are lab manuals available in languages other than English?

Yes. Visit http://docs.hol.vmware.com/announcements/nee-localization.pdf for the full list.

How do I switch to a localized version of the lab manual within Hands-on Labs?

You will need to log in and change your user profile settings to the language you want to use.

How can I get help if I have a question about the labs?

Please use our help alias hands-on-lab-beta@vmware.com or visit the support community.

Where else can I get more information about Hands-on Labs?

We update our Hands-on Labs blog and Hands-on Lab Twitter with the latest information.

Are the lab manuals available online as a PDF?

Yes - you do not have to load a lab to review the lab manuals. Visit: http://docs.hol.vmware.com.

Self Help - Trouble Shooting Hands-on Labs

I am having trouble connecting to a lab. What steps can I take to troubleshoot the issue?

Here are some basic tips:

Make sure you are using the latest version of the supported browsers and clear your cache/cookies and reload again.

Make sure you are able to reach the labs through your network by trying to take the lab in a different network - sometimes corporate networks have proxies that will deny a console connection.

Make sure you have the recommended bandwidth and latency to run the application correctly.

I am having trouble connecting with my browser. What can I do?

Please make sure your browser accepts third party cookies. If you are in an environment where this is not possible, you can use ours: www.projectnee.com.

If you are still stuck, email hands-on-lab-beta@vmware.com for support.