Investment bank adopts a secure and reliable remote workplace solution


“With VMware Workspace ONE, all of our staff were able to perform their day-to-day duties remotely during a self-isolation period.”

Jeremiah Chunge, Head of Alternative Channels & Technology, Genghis Capital

Genghis Capital recognized that it must offer clients world-class investment services and, at the same time, create an exciting and satisfying working environment for its people. In 2017, the bank underwent a technology transformation, transitioning from a successful VMware on-premises environment to VMware services in the cloud – becoming the first investment bank in Kenya to be 100 percent based in the cloud. The bank’s investment in VMware Workspace ONE™ back in 2017 and a mobile app rolled out in 2019 based on Workspace ONE made it an easy transition for staff to work from home when the pandemic hit in 2020.

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