The industry-recognized VCAP-CMA Deploy 2021 certification validates that you know how to deploy and optimize data center environments using the tools provided by vRealize Automation. It proves that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage best practices to provide a scalable and reliable virtualization platform for your organization.


Certification Path if you hold

1. (Required) Earn the VCP-CMA 2021 (Or hold a VCP-CMA 2020)

3. (Required) Pass the qualifying exam

Preferred VCAP Deploy exam registration method is online to ensure all candidate details are received to deliver the lab exam. Lab exam appointments are required to schedule at least 24 – 48 hours prior to the appointment date.

1. Option 1 – Attend ONE of the training courses in 2021

Courses used by VMware to develop this exam and strongly recommended to you for exam preparation:
Courses VMware will accept which meet training course requirements (List includes the courses used to develop this exam.):

2. Option 2- Pass ONE of the VCAP-CMA Deploy Exams

2. (Required) Pass the qualifying exam

1. (Required) Earn the VCP-CMA 2021 (Or hold a VCP-CMA 2020)

3. (Required) Pass the qualifying exam

1. (Required) Earn the VCP-CMA 2021 (Or hold a VCP-CMA 2020)

3. (Required) Pass the qualifying exam


Certification Path
VMware Customer Connect Learning


Why does the VCAP-CMA Deploy 2021 have a year designator as its version?

Cloud Management and Auotmation solutions are frequently updated. Having a year as its certification version allows VMware to better maintain the exam and training content, and more importantly, provides certification candidates the ability to communicate how current their skills are in relation to other certifications.

Can I use my VCP-CMA 2019 as a pre-requisite for the VCAP-CMA Deploy 2021 certification?

No, the VCP needs to be the same version as the VCAP you are pursuing. Since this is a new version of the certification, with new objectives, skills, and knowledge required, the VCP-CMA 2020 or VCP-CMA 2021 is required for new candidates to earn the VCAP-CMA Deploy 2021.

Are the courses listed required?

No, but we strongly recommend them because they are designed to prepare you for this exam.

Do I have to complete the requirements in the order listed?

No, however we strongly recommend that you do so. Also, please note that successfully registering to take an exam does not imply that you meet the certification requirements in full.

What are the benefits of a badge?

A single source that combines your credentials and provides a complete overview of your skills.

Digital badges allow for you to easily share your accomplishments in social media.

Provides employers with easy, valid verification of your VMware credentials.

How do I share my badge?

When you’ve earned a VMware badge, you will receive an email notification alerting you to claim your badge. When you accept your badge, you’ll be brought immediately into a sharing workflow that allows you to share to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, embed in a personal website, or share over email.