VMware vCenter Support Assistant is a free plug-in that accelerates support request resolution. It also provides proactive alerts that identify technical issues before problems occur.



vCenter Server Support Assistant Overview


Reactive Support & Accelerated Resolution

Manage technical support requests better.

File Support Requests within vCenter

Use vCenter Support Assistant to file support requests for any product for which you already have VMware (not OEM) support entitlements – regardless of whether that entitlement is via subscription, or paid-for incident packs.

Collect and Attach Diagnostic Information

With just a few clicks, vCenter Support Assistant can directly generate log support bundles from vCenter Server and vSphere. You can also easily attach other files, such as screenshots, to your support request. Files are sent securely over SSL.

View Existing Support Requests

Easily view the status of your existing support requests, add comments for VMware Support, view email exchanges, and select further diagnostic information or other files to upload.

Security and Privacy

Keep data secure and private.

Transmit Data to VMware Securely

Data is encrypted en-route to and on location at VMware.

Configure Data Transmission

vCenter Support Assistant allows you to choose which hosts transmit data and uses single sign-on credentials from vCenter.

Proactive Support & Prevention

Get proactive alerts and collect log files.

Receive Alerts and Recommended Fixes

Automatic notifications within vCenter keep you up-to-date on any issues and provide you with recommended solutions.

Transmit Selected Log Files Automatically

Selected log files are collected and regularly transmitted to VMware Tech Support and matched to a dynamic list of known issues sourced from hundreds of thousands of customers.

Configure Data Collection Times

vCenter Support Assistant allows you to set the collection frequency and time of day to minimize impact on your system’s performance.