Anytime, anywhere, secure access to cloud-based digital learning

University of Technology Sydney

산업: Education

VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure is far more stable and consistent than anything we could have deployed on-premise. If it could allow an engineering student to run their tasks from home or even public Wi-Fi areas without compromising on performance, we could expand its deployment to other less compute-intensive faculties with total confidence.

Peter Gale, Deputy CIO, UTS

UTS deployed VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure within the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, enabling over 10,000 Engineering and IT students the flexibility to securely access applications and workloads online, any time, on any device, from any location without experiencing latencies.<br> <br> This solution enabled UTS to deliver a seamless and secure, cloud-based digital learning environment for their students while reducing operational costs by over 40% by moving applications and desktop infrastructure to the cloud.

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