Deploying enterprise mobility with assured security


산업: Pharmaceutical

“With its on-premise and multi-tenancy capabilities, deployment of VMware Workspace ONE has exceeded our expectations. As we plan to expand our business in the Indian pharmaceutical sector, we trust VMware to be our close partner to meet our business objectives by leveraging the latest technologies.”

Saurabh Shah, Head - IT, Eris Lifesciences Limited

Pharmaceutical company Eris Lifesciences was facing issues with managing devices across multiple tenants. Protecting sensitive company data and ensuring the security of each device was a business-critical requirement. Through VMware, Eris Lifesciences was able to deploy, secure and manage multiple mobile devices. VMware Workspace ONE Agent provided unified endpoint management that allowed IT administrators to monitor and enforce IT policies directly on the endpoint device. End users were able to self-activate their devices by entering their corporate credentials without any additional installation. This provides IT administrators with a granular approach to manage and secure corporate mobile and apps, and simple usage for employees.


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