Boosting Operational Efficiency with Hybrid Cloud Operations

Börse Stuttgart

산업: Financial Services

“VMware vRealize Operations Cloud works smoothly, without my influence. I get a message before an upgrade, then it happens automatically. A few minutes later, I get another saying everything is finished. I’m saving up to 10 hours a month on upgrades and troubleshooting. That’s success to me.”


In support of its cloud-first business strategy, Börse Stuttgart engaged VMware to streamline IT hybrid cloud operations. The German stock exchange has been migrating administrative data to public cloud since 2019, while keeping highly regulated trading data on-premises. This enables the management and use of the same tools, workflows and policies ensuring consistent operations across their data center and cloud environments. Now, VMware vRealize Operations Cloud is helping the financial services organization improve services monitoring and visibility for faster troubleshooting while looking to automate capacity and cost management at times of uncertainty— with the goal of freeing valuable IT resources to spend more time on innovation.

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