Improved user experience with greater device management


산업: Manufacturing

“We looked at different vendors but VMware Workspace ONE got us the most excited. The range of features, the roadmap, the speed at which updates would be delivered, the support… the combination made it an easy decision.”

Kai Schmidthals, Mobile Device Manager, VEKA

VEKA has led the global development of UPVC window systems for over 50 years. With 6,000 employees and factories in over 40 countries, it wanted to take firmer control of its device management in order to manage its increasingly global, mobile workforce. VMware Workspace ONE™ allows staff to access the productivity applications needed to work effectively whilst taking a more consistent stance on device security. The implementation of Workspace ONE was assisted by comdivision consulting GmbH, a VMware Master Services Partner, which helped to ensure the project ran smoothly. Today, 500 corporate devices are managed through Workspace ONE, with the number expected to rise to 1,000 within the year.

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