Infrastructure Redesign Improves Productivity and Accessibility

Nol-Tec Systems

산업: Manufacturing

“When trying to figure out what to do with our aging infrastructure, the VMware solutions looked like they fit our business challenges—vSphere, NSX, vSAN for storage, and then having vRealize Insight to have visibility into our environment. Cloud Foundation brought all of those products together and actually was the right solution for our company.”

Dustin Plank, Manager of Information Technology, Nol-Tec Systems

Located in Minnesota, Nol-Tec Systems is a specialist engineering business for bulk materials handling and environmental solutions worldwide. Saddled with aging infrastructure needing expensive hardware and storage upgrades, and having a small IT department looking for ways to reduce complexity, patch times, and improve security and lifecycle management, finding a new solution was imperative. Deploying VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Workspace ONE addressed their immediate needs and provided the foundation for growth. Nol-Tec has found tremendous value leveraging its partnerships with Dell, VMware and CDW plus VMware Professional Services.

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