Essential community service empowers its workforce

Australia Post

산업: eCommerce and Retail, Business Services

“We have nearly 5,000 devices managed by Workspace ONE. We can use a simplified and unified security policy for all of them and push out new applications or policies pretty quickly. For the first time, we’re able to secure BYOD devices which significantly enhances our security posture.”

Christina Chu, Enterprise Enablement, General Manager, Australia Post

Australia Post is fundamental to Australia’s economy as an essential community service. It sends billions of items each year, has an extended workforce of 70,000, and has expanded into financial and identity services. VMware solutions such as VMware Workspace ONE® Enterprise and VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ have allowed Australia Post to securely manage devices, including BYOD. Australia Post can now support thousands of employees to securely work remotely and keep the essential service running smoothly.

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