Air Ambulance Service Delivers Digital Workspaces

Angel MedFlight

산업: Transportation and Freight, Healthcare

“The sudden shift to an all-remote work world would have been challenging without Workspace ONE. It allowed us to transition quickly, as every employee was simply able to take home their Apple Mac mini and immediately keep working, with secure access to all the apps they need to help transport our patients.”

Paul Green, Chief Development Officer, Angel MedFlight

Angel MedFlight transports patients in need of rapid medical care with its fleet of medically configured aircrafts. The company rolled out VMware Workspace ONE to its staff to enable efficient work from anywhere, on any device, with single sign-on (SSO) access. The modern management capabilities of the solution allow the IT team to more efficiently image and deploy PCs in a process that was reduced from more than 6 hours in the past to less than 1 hour today.

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