VMware provides a better digital experience for citizens in Uruguay


산업: Public Sector

“This project contributed to making Uruguay into the most advanced digital society in the region, receiving international recognition for the quality of its digital government with security of its information.”

Gabriel Hernandez, IT Infrastructure and Operations Director, Agesic

When Agesic decided to transform Uruguay into one of the most advanced digital countries in the region, it clearly visualized the need to opt for virtualization technology. The virtualization process began with the cross-divisional services that Agesic provides to the rest of the state organization. At that time, the organization had 300 virtual machines that were migrated to the cloud. Thanks to VMware Cloud Director, VMware vCloud Suite, VMware NSX and VMware vSAN solutions, they have more than 5,200 virtual machines in a cloud located in two different data centers, enabling the services implemented on this infrastructure to have improved availability.

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