Robust Hybrid Cloud Foundation for Manufacturer's New Data Center

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd

산업: Manufacturing , Pharmaceutical

“VMware Cloud Foundation has enabled us to have a single, integrated, and secure infrastructure. The hybrid cloud platform has simplified management and standardized the IT architecture for us. VMware solutions have optimized performance and amplified storage and networking tools. We look forward to future partnerships with VMware to deploy the best-in-class solutions across Alembic."

Jitendra Mishra, CIO, Alembic Pharmaceuticals

Alembic was setting up a new manufacturing facility at Jarod, Gujarat in 2018. This being a greenfield deployment, Alembic sought an IT platform to integrate hybrid cloud with a software-defined data center approach. VMware Cloud Foundation, with its full-stack hyper-converged integrated architecture was the ideal solution for Alembic. It was easy to deploy and offered seamless management and operational control across the hybrid-cloud. Compared to other Alembic data centers, where the IT team used a traditional siloed setup, the resource provisioning time at the Jarod plant has been reduced significantly by 50% with the help of automation. This has helped Alembic IT team to deliver new services faster and ensure high-availability.

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