Electronic stock exchange uses VMware solutions to deploy hybrid cloud

National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

산업: Financial Services

"With the VMware Cloud on AWS-based hybrid cloud infrastructure, we have been able to simplify administrative tasks; automate manual processes; scale up on-demand; and improve our business agility. This deployment has helped us to stay at the cutting edge of technology for years to come. Our infrastructure is now future-proof."

Shiv Kumar Bhasin, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, NSE

The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE), the second-largest electronic stock exchange in the world, needed a solution which would help to modernize its current IT platform, so it could keep up with the growth in trading volume and consistently innovate for new offerings to customers. NSE deployed a VMware solution, with the help of partner Dimension Data and VMware Professional Services, which included VMware Cloud on AWS, NSX, vCloud Suite, and vSphere to modernize the data center and build a quick and scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure, while ensuring security.

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