VertretungsNetz Mobilizes Mission-Critical Support with VMware


산업: Non-Profit

“VMware Workspace ONE solution brings significant benefits to the provision and design of employees’ IT work.”

Ralf Heller, Head of IT, VertretungsNetz

VertretungsNetz Mobilizes Mission-Critical Support with VMware

In all three of its departments—adult representation, patient advocacy and resident representation—VertretungsNetz delivers onsite support to clients, residents and patients, with employees using mobile devices—smartphones and notebooks—to work with sensitive client data. VertretungsNetz adopted a unified endpoint management system from VMware to manage mobile devices for its 1,500 workers from a single console. Simplified IT processes enable staff to save valuable time they now devote to their primary mission, providing necessary support to all their clients, residents and patients.


Workspace ONE


Anywhere Workspace


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