Horizon Mobile Secure Workplace

Enhance Mobility, Increase Productivity for BYOD

The Horizon Mobile Secure Workplace is a fully validated architecture that provides end users with quick and easy access to desktops, applications and data across devices, locations and networks. Designed to help IT address bring your own device (BYOD) and workplace mobility initiatives, this solution streamlines and automates desktop application and data management and provides IT with the ability to apply location-aware, policy driven access to corporate resources with higher levels of security and compliance.

VMware Mobile Secure Desktop Whiteboard - Rory Clements

VMware Mobile Secure Desktop Whiteboard - Rory Clements

VMware Mobile Secure Desktop Whiteboard - Rory Clements

The Mobile Secure Workplace Supports BYOD and Employee Mobility

The VMware Horizon Mobile Secure Workplace provides an innovative way for IT to support workplace mobility and bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives by improving user access, streamlining management, enhancing data security and delivering the highest fidelity user experience.

Experience the Benefits of the Mobile Secure Workplace

Enable True Session Mobility and Maximize Workplace Productivity

Deliver virtual sessions that follow end users across devices and locations. Enable fast, secure access to corporate data and applications across a wide range of corporate and employee owned devices including Mac, Windows and Linux endpoints devices as well as iPad and Android tablets. And provide uncompromised end user experience for employees on the go who need applications, printing, unified communications and 3D graphics as part of their daily workspace.

Enhance Data Security and Mitigate Risk

With the Horizon Mobile Secure Workplace end-user access is fully encrypted via two factor authentication. IT can additionally isolate the networks on which employee-owned devices authenticate to enhance security and ensure users only access corporate data and applications via their virtual machine.

Streamline Workplace Management and Drive Down Operational Expenditures

Increase control of desktops, applications and data by delivering and managing them as centralized services. A single, powerful administrative console provides oversight of desktop, application and data services while enabling IT to execute previously cumbersome tasks like provisioning, updates and patches in a few clicks of a mouse.

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