VMware teams with industry-leading hardware and software companies to optimize selected technology and solutions for VMware software. OEMs integrate their hardware and software with VMware technology, then sell and support joint solutions.

What is the OEM Program?

OEM partnerships are a critical component of VMware's total routes-to-market strategy. VMware teams with industry-leading hardware and software OEM companies to optimize selected technology and solutions with VMware software. Being a VMware OEM Partner gives you and your sales organizations access to exclusive sales, marketing and support resources.

Our core OEM program is the Global Partner Alliances program. As a Global Alliance Partner, you'll integrate your hardware and software with our technology, support your products running on our virtual machines and co-sell and/or resell our products. You agree to develop L1 and L2 support skills on the products you re-sell. You also agree to the OEM contract terms, and to minimum revenue attainment targets.

Through the Embedded OEM program, independent software vendors and independent hardware vendors can tightly integrate VMware products into their own solutions and sell the combined solution worldwide for out-of-the-box offerings and reduced deployment complexity.

Created exclusively for software, hardware and storage vendors, the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program gives partners the resources to develop and deliver joint solutions to shared customers.

VMware Solution Provider partners can earn VMware revenue credit and training access while also enjoying incentives and rewards offered directly by our OEM partners through the VMware OEM Reseller Program. Premier-level Solution Provider partners can also count their OEM’d VMware offering revenue towards their Premier+ rebate attainment.

Program Benefits

Benefits Global Alliances Technology Alliance Partners Embedded OEMs OEM Solution Providers
OEM-focused resources on the Partner Central web site Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to an OEM discount price list Yes Yes Yes Yes
NFR/IUL license rights Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quarterly OEM-focused "Add Value with VMware" webcasts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to "enter" opportunities in the VMware opportunity registration system Yes Yes Yes Yes

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