VMware Certified Partner Architecture program



What is the Certified Partner Architecture program?

The Certified Partner Architecture program certifies SDDC architectures available from VMware Partners to ensure that they comply with the guidance established by the VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center.


Through the program, VMware provides partners with access to the VMware Validated Designs and the technical enablement necessary to use these designs as part of their own solutions.


Upon certifying a partner’s architecture, the program grants the VMware Ready logo for the Certified Partner Architecture category.

Find available Certified Partner Architectures

The CPA program maintains a VMware Compatibility Guide featuring all the solutions from VMware Partners that have been certified to align with the VMware Validated Designs. Visit the VMware Compatibility Guide.

Benefits for CPA Partners

Every certified architecture listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide becomes eligible for the VMware Ready logo in the Certified Partner Architecture category.


By aligning with the VMware Validated Designs, a partner will save considerable time and resources normally required to build an SDDC. These resources can be reinvested on building high value solutions that create differentiation and added value for end customers.


VMware will provide technical enablement about design and operations of an SDDC based on the VMware Validated Designs. In addition, technical guidance during the architecture design review process required for certification will be provided.