Bring Cloud Agility to VDI Workloads


VMware Cloud on Dell EMC delivers robust infrastructure to support virtual desktops and remote workspaces. Deliver a cloud-like experience for VDI platforms on-premises with enterprise-class security and compliance with organizational requirements.

Benefits of Managed VDI on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC  

Scalable On-Premises VDI

Empower new employees and contractors to access mission-critical applications, support additional capacity, and quickly provision new resources. Easily migrate desktops and applications to take advantage of cloud services and a subscription-based model.

Simplified Management and Operations

Centralize desktop management by leveraging familiar tools and skillsets to manage virtual desktops across your entire infrastructure through a single pane of glass. Centrally manage security and streamline the rollout of infrastructure patches and updates.

Seamless Data Center Extension

Extend desktop workloads between on-premises and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC to support additional capacity. Support new users and applications quickly, including onboarding temporary and contract workers, mergers, and acquisitions.

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