Enterprise-Class Storage for the Multi-Cloud

Expand storage capacity without adding hosts and streamline operations with VMware Cloud Flex Storage. Delivered with simple cloud economics, our cloud storage service offers an elastic and natively integrated solution for VMware Cloud on AWS that is fully managed by VMware. And it allows you to pay for only the resources you need with a straightforward, consumption-based pricing model.
Increase Scalability and Elasticity

Increase Scalability and Elasticity

Meet capacity-heavy demands with elastic storage that can scale up to 400 TiB logical/usable capacity per datastore (based on average data reduction ratios), without purchasing additional hosts.

Simplify Operations

Simplify Operations

Streamline operations with a consistent experience between VMware Cloud Flex Storage and VMware Cloud on AWS, delivered as an end-to-end, seamlessly integrated and easy-to-use service by VMware.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Lower your TCO with a straightforward, consumption-based pricing model. Pay for only the resources you use and scale capacity without adding unnecessary compute.

Independent scaling of storage capacity

Scale storage capacity without purchasing additional hosts.

Managed by VMware

Single vendor solution that is sold, operated and directly supported by VMware.

On-demand and elastic scaling

Elastically adjust storage capacity up or down as needed.

Enterprise-class storage features

Utilize built-in, always-on data services, including at-rest encryption, global deduplication and compression, and data integrity.

Natively integrated for VMware Cloud on AWS

Easily attach datastores with a few clicks from the VMware Cloud Console.

Pay only for consumed resources

Pay only for the storage that you consume under a simple $ per GB pricing model.

Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Cloud Flex Storage is a new disaggregated storage service for VMware Cloud on AWS that is fully managed by VMware. This natively integrated offering will allow you to independently provision and scale storage capacity as a supplemental NFS datastore that can be mounted to hosts in the SDDC.

Over time, our vision is to deliver VMware Cloud Flex Storage as a consistent experience across multiple clouds. This will enable multidimensional scaling of compute, performance and storage capacity, enterprise-grade data management and data reduction capabilities, combined with cost-effective multi-AZ and regional availability.

VMware Cloud Flex Storage is built on a mature, enterprise-class file system that has been developed and production-hardened over many years, dating back to Datrium’s D­HCI storage product, which VMware acquired in July 2020. It is the same file system that backs the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery service.

This file system has a two-tier design that allows independent scaling of storage performance and capacity, using a Log-Structure File System (LFS) design. (You can read more about the file system architecture in this blog post.)

Yes, the service is fully managed by VMware.

Key use cases of VMware Cloud Flex Storage include:

  • Seamless and cost-effective cloud migration
  • Elastic data center extension
  • Scaling of storage-intensive workloads

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