April 25, 2019

VMware Statement on Sandy Vasquez vs. VMware, Inc.


When we learned that one individual incorrectly denied Sandy Vasquez’s candidacy for employment because of her DACA status, we immediately set out to correct that mistake. We offered her a dedicated recruiter to assist her in identifying roles for which she was qualified. As apparently she had already found a role elsewhere she declined our offer. We are unaware of any other people who have been in a similar position, but we extend the same offer to any DACA applicant who may have been discouraged from applying at VMware. We will assign a dedicated recruiter to any impacted DACA applicant and assist them in identifying roles for which they may be qualified. We have also ensured that our recruiters have been retrained. As we have previously stated, VMware has and continues to hire DACA individuals. 


We take responsibility for this one negative experience and want to ensure no one else has been negatively impacted.