NetApp and VMware Virtualization

VMware and NetApp are Global Partners that provide integrated solutions for virtual environments. The jointly engineered solution provides IT with simplified data protection, improved availability and disaster recovery, an enhanced desktop experience, and end-to-end secure solutions. Together, we have developed proven solutions, reference architectures, design guides, and deployment guides, assuring a successful implementation.

VMware and NetApp Cloud Infrastructure



NetApp uniquely complements VMware environments—from the datacenter, to the desktop, to the cloud—by providing the best-in-class data protection, the most efficient and scalable storage, and the most flexible IT infrastructure. NetApp does for storage what VMware does for virtualization.

Business Application Virtualization

Together, VMware vSphere and NetApp bring the benefits of virtualization, including lower cost, increased agility, and higher availability, to your mission critical applications. You can virtualize your largest database, business application and email environments while ensuring service levels are met. VMware and NetApp’s joint solutions offer:

  • Performance. Virtualize with confidence by meeting or exceeding the performance of physical servers. Scale applications more efficiently on large multicore servers.
  • Availability. Provide built-in availability without the complexity of clustering. Ensure simple, automated Disaster Recovery for all your applications. Protect more of your data affordably while delivering higher levels of application availability with our network-efficient and storage-efficient disaster recovery solutions.
  • Agility. Accelerate application provisioning from weeks to minutes, from the labs to production. Scale applications on-the-fly to meet workload spikes. Speed time to production from weeks to minutes with instant storage provisioning and cloning of virtual machines.
  • Efficiency. Use at least 50% less storage for your virtual environments—guaranteed.

Desktop Virtualization 

VMware Horizon 6 along with NetApp provides a scalable, cost effective desktop virtualization solution that simplifies management, and increases data security without sacrificing user experience. As a result, it’s easy for IT organizations to deliver desktops from the datacenter as a managed service. Using VMware and NetApp for desktop virtualization provides the enterprise with:

  • Lowest cost-per-seat. NetApp’s unique storage efficiency technologies provide a lower storage cost per seat for virtual desktops that significantly reduces capital investment requirement.
  • Agility. Rapidly provision thousands of desktops in minutes.
  • Efficiency. Centralize management, administration, and resources. Use 50% less storage. Simplify Windows 7 migration, patching and updates.
  • End-user experience. Eliminate boot and login storms to increase productivity. Provide a familiar end user experience and self-service user data recovery.
  • Security and Compliance. Retain control of data while not hindering productivity of temporary and offshore employees.
  • Automated High Availability. Ensure continuity thru built-in fault tolerance, session recovery, and disaster recovery

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager combined with NetApp storage solutions let you eliminate planned downtime and reduce unplanned downtime via data protection, high availability and automated disaster recovery. With VMware and NetApp, disaster recovery is:

  • Rapid. Automated recovery plan combined with NetApp storage speeds recovery time.
  • Simple. Eliminate the runbook with an electronic recovery plan, and greatly reduce risk of human error with fewer manual steps.
  • Reliable. Automated non-disruptive testing ensures reliable recovery.
  • Affordable. Reduce the cost of disaster recovery infrastructure and provide comprehensive protection of your applications and data.

Email, Calendar and Collaboration Platform

VMware Zimbra along with NetApp provides a flexible, scalable and cost effective messaging and collaboration platform designed for virtualization that delivers the most innovative cross-platform Web collaboration application today.

  • Flexible - The VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server supports all of the available options for storage including NFS, SAS/SATA, Fibre Channel, and iSCSI. When deployed on vSphere, ZCS also supports Network Attached Storage (NAS) for all of its components.
  • Scalability - For service providers and hosting services moving their services into the cloud, file-based storage provides significant operational, cost and management reduction.
  • Cost Savings - In all scenarios file-based storage represents cost savings across the board in management, upfront acquisition costs and maintenance.
  • Innovative End-User Experience - Delivering a powerful and more flexible web-based experience is a major component of the Zimbra mission. Traditionally, email has been largely a client-focused experience on a single desktop (which is fine for some users) but can limit productivity (fewer features, no anywhere access, not cross-platform). Zimbra’s AJAX web experience liberates end-users by providing the best of both worlds (looks like a client but works on the web).

Next Generation VMware Cloud Infrastructure

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NetApp Storage Systems and Software


With unmatched storage efficiency, performance and data protection capabilities, NetApp® storage solutions complement the manageability, utilization, and cost-saving benefits of VMware virtualization software. NetApp products integrate with VMware including with vStorage API for Array Integration, to deliver a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable data center solutions that can respond immediately to changing business needs.

  • FAS Storage Systems - NetApp storage, from entry-level arrays to large enteprise systems, offer unmatched business agility, superior application uptime, simplicity of management, and breakthrough value for your enterprise.
  • NetApp Flash Cache - Optimize the performance of random read-intensive workloads without the complexity of another storage tier.
  • Virtual Storage Console 2.0 is a vCenter plug-in that provides access to the advanced storage capabilities such as cloning, backup, recovery and DR, as well as simplifies the configuration and management of NetApp arrays.
  • NetApp FlexVol™ technology enables IT organizations to create multiple flexible volumes on a large pool of disks and aggregate I/O across all physical disks on NFS, iSCSI or Fibre Channel. Users can dynamically allocate storage and add storage capacity as needed without downtime.
  • NetApp FlexClone® provides instant clones of virtual machines without impacting server resources and requiring additional storage capacity.
  • NetApp Snapshot™ allows VMware users to make fast and space-efficient backup copies of active data with negligible performance and storage overhead.
  • NetApp SnapMirror® Software protects data and accelerates recovery, by providing a simple, efficient way to replicate data between systems in multiple locations using multi-transport (IP and FC) and frequency choice (sync, semi-sync, and a-sync) options while only transferring changed blocks.
  • SANscreen VMInsight provides cross-domain visibility from the VM to the volume to better understand how storage is allocated to VMs and more accurately forecast, plan, and charge back for storage. Our plug-in integrates storage information directly into vCenter, enabling your VM administrators to better monitor the storage aspects of their virtualized environment and communicate with the storage team for added flexibility.