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IDC Technology Spotlight: Blueprinting a Cloud Operating Model for the Multicloud Era

The recent acceleration of digital transformation initiatives is driving the need for a cloud operating model that enables tighter alignment between IT resources and the delivery of business outcomes. The need for collaboration between development, infrastructure, and operations teams has never been greater; business growth increasingly requires a consolidated effort. A cloud operating model provides the foundation that enables the delivery of business outcomes through the combination of increased automation and integration, standardized operations, and advanced governance and cost management. It helps align the people, processes, and technologies required for a modern IT culture and model regardless of the applications, or clouds, in use. In this IDC Technology Spotlight, you will learn: - Potential challenges that can stand in the way of success in the cloud - Why a cloud operating model is critical for success and the key benefits you can expect by adopting one - Solutions to help you enable a successful cloud operating model in your organization that drives organizational alignment and business outcomes Realize the value of a cloud operating model in your organization. Download the paper today!