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The State of Cloudification 2021




The State of Cloudification, 2021 Report


While the transformation journey is complex and unique for every communications service provider, the ending destination is the same for all—cloud native networks.


VMware commissioned third-party industry research to be able to provide this Network Function Cloudification Index. The report enables industry vendors to view the cloud-readiness of the market and determine their own process relative to their competition, while helping service providers understand which vendors are facilitating cloud native objectives.


To learn more about the cloud-native journey, this report addresses:


  • Overview of the Index
  • State of Cloud Native
  • Recommendations


The results from this survey help us understand where we are in this journey and what work remains to enable cloud-native networks. Download this report to learn more about the cloudification journey and to gain insights on how to ease the challenges of the cloud-native journey.