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Data For Tactical Combat: Opportunities And Challenges



by Axel Dyèvre, Séverin Schnepp, Général Edward Smyth-Osbourne, Robert Ames, Lewis Sheperd, David Tennenhouse - General (2S) Jean-Paul Paloméros


Collaborative warfare requires continuous, near-real-time sharing of data collected on the battlefield. While the sensors carried by deployed forces play a key role in feeding information and communication systems (CIS), deployed combatants can rely on regular updates of the operational situation to facilitate and optimise the conduct of their missions.


While digital transformation brings undeniable operational advantages to the armed forces, the multiplication of communications and the increase in the volume of data exchanged also present risks, notably the increased dependence on the electromagnetic spectrum to ensure the connectivity of their assets, while natural conditions may block or limit the use of these waves; as well as an increased surface of exposure to enemy actions in the field of electronic warfare and attacks in the cyber field.


This revolution implies preparing combatants for the digitised battlefield, so that the benefits of digital transformation outweigh the risks and challenges it may present, it is crucial for forces to provide appropriate responses to a certain number of technical, operational and human challenges. This also requires a revolution in the collection and circulation of data, which is currently marked by a high degree of inertia. The data set must not be constrained by physical considerations; on the contrary, it must allow the intelligent circulation of data within the organisation, from sensors applications and users, through analytics and databases. It is the role of the digital control plan to enable commanders to assess and manage the effectiveness of the configuration of the entire system.



Preface: Digital Transformation At The Core Of Operations
Data For Tactical Combat: Opportunities And Challenges

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