As a net zero company, VMware is committed to a zero carbon future for our customers including our public cloud ecosystem. In 2020, we launched our Zero Carbon Committed initiative for our cloud partners, and are excited to offer you a 6-month FREE trial membership with the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA), where you can benefit from CEBA resources and community to help accelerate your decarbonization efforts.


What is CEBA?


CEBA is a community of over 350 companies committed to achieving a 90% carbon-free U.S. electricity system by 2030 and a global community of energy customers driving clean energy. As a CEBA member you will gain access to a community of energy customers that are setting and executing on clean energy goals, partners to help achieve those goals, and amazing programs, resources and tools that can support you in your clean energy journey!


This unique free 6-month trial will give you access to CEBA membership and, after 6 months, reduced membership fees for the first year. What could be better? You can try before you buy!


We’re confident that partnering with CEBA will provide you with essential guidance to increase your energy sustainability. The trial includes all the benefits of Silver level membership, including access to all resources and events, access to CEBA monthly Energy Customer calls and Solution Showcases with new innovations in clean energy, member-exclusive events, and member-exclusive boot camps (*registration fee applies). 


VMware Cloud Provider Partners will receive a 50% reduction off the regular membership pricing after the 6-month trial ends; this offer only applies to companies that are not currently CEBA members.


VMware’s partnership with CEBA means, as a VMware Cloud Provider, you simply register here, and we will forward your registration request to CEBA, who will contact you directly.


*Please note that CEBA is a U.S-based organization, and most events and activities are in a U.S. time zone, but many activities are relevant to a broader (international) audience.VMware is constantly focused on supporting our partners to achieve the best sustainability footprint possible, and we are aware that not all partners find it easy to make this jump.

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