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Network transformation is tricky

Simplifying Deployment and Testing with VMware by Broadcom's SDE Labs

In today’s world of software-defined environments, a platform that makes deploying and testing network solutions simple across variety of sectors is crucial. VMware by Broadcom Software-Defined Edge (SDE) Labs provides such platform and efficiently reducing the complexities frequently encountered when exploring new solutions for the core, RAN, RIC or edge.


At SDE Labs, our commitment is to offer an all-encompassing environment where the latest VMware by Broadcom products and updates are readily accessible for detailed testing and analysis, tailored for customer demonstrations and Proof of Concept (POC) projects. This setup allows for an in-depth hands-on examination of how these solutions operate and integrate in various industry-specific scenarios.


Engaging with SDE Labs empowers customers to explore tailored use cases, leveraging real infrastructure across both Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and Software-Defined Edge (SDE) frameworks. This approach not only helps reduce operational costs and boost revenue, but also clearly shows the benefits and real-world applications of SDDC and SDE technologies VMware by Broadcom customers and partners.


The availability of cutting-edge SDE-grade hardware and software at SDE Labs eliminates the necessity for comprehensive in-house lab configurations, saving significant resources and time.


Designed by VMware by Broadcom for both its partners and customers, VMware SDE Labs is more than just a testing area. It is a cooperative environment for the collective development and refinement of solutions, fostering innovation and progress in the network transformation landscape.