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VMware Tanzu Transformer is an easy-to-use multi-cloud migration service.


VMware Tanzu Transformer accelerates and simplifies the multi-cloud migration journey by identifying and migrating applications to the optimal cloud based on your goals for security, performance, cost and time.


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What you get with the free migration assessment:


  • Quickly receive migration assessments for workloads up to 2,000 VMs and 500,000 network flows, including:

    • Actual inventory-based assessment from your own vCenter(s)

    • Cost-benefit analysis of VMC on AWS in comparison with on-premises    

  • Real-time vCenter(s) inventory and dependency collection for first 30 days (assessment data will be deleted after 30 days)

  • Upload inventory using RVTools export

  • Perform iterative scoping of migration targets at a fine-grained level

  • Plan validation using dependencies, and application groupings, without machine agents or machine credentials

  • View and modify the assumptions that make up sizing and TCO, and see the effects of those changes

  • Add more users into the system who can login, view, and edit assessments

*Design partner sessions are virtual quarterly meetings with product management teams to discuss projects and gather directional feedback from customers on use cases, early concepts, UX/UI design. These sessions help influence the decisions and direction to deliver services driven by customer needs.



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