GPUs for Machine Learning on VMware vSphere


The recent rise of deep learning platforms has led to an exponential growth in these workloads, in both data centers and in cloud environments. A VMware software-defined data center can help you build, run, manage, and secure machine learning environments and associated data infrastructure using VMware vSphere®, VMware vSAN®, and VMware NSX®. VMware delivers a flexible, high performance platform that can connect data centers to the cloud and provide a common environment across clouds. 


GPUs provide the computing power needed to run machine learning programs efficiently, reliably, and quickly. These GPU-based workloads are even more versatile, flexible, and efficient when they run in virtual machines on the VMware ESXi™ hypervisor. 


You have options when it comes to configuring GPUs running in virtual machines (VMs). Explore this eBook and associated learning guide to learn about three common configuration approaches and find links to resources that will help you succeed in using GPUs for machine learning on VMware vSphere.

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