Jacob Morgan’s new book, The Future Leader

How can leaders invest in their employees to drive customer experience and compete in evolving markets?  


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Do you have the right mindsets and skills to be able to lead effectively in the next ten years and beyond? Most individuals and organizations don’t even know what leadership will look like in the future. Until now.


Jacob interviewed over 140 CEOs from companies like Unilever, Mastercard, Oracle, Verizon, Kaiser and over a hundred others. Jacob also partnered with LinkedIn to survey almost 14,000 of their members around the globe to see how CEO insights align with employee perspectives.

What emerged from all of this research is the most accurate groundbreaking book on the future of leadership, which shares exclusive insights from the world's top CEOs and never before seen research. After reading it, you will:


  • Learn the greatest trends impacting the future of leadership and their implications

  • Change your perception of who a leader is and what leadership means

  • Tackle the greatest challenges that leaders of tomorrow will face

  • Become a future-ready leader


This is the book that you, your team, and your organization must to read in order to lead in the future of work. Register to receive your free copy today, while supplies last (US Shipping only).


Listen to Jacob Morgan and Sanjay Poonen, VMware COO, discuss leadership and employee experience on the podcast “How to Balance Technology and Humanity”.






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